Details of Juggling Equipment supplied

We divide our circus skills equipment into two groups. The basic juggling workshop includes what we call the safe circus skills. Spinning plates, feather balance, juggling scarves, juggling balls and juggling clubs,- see below - plus Diabolo and devil stick The maximun ratio - typically for schools - is usually 30 participants to each instructor. Corporate clients in general ask for a lower ratio. We supply all the equipment to enable workshop participants to undergo instruction at the same time; ie 30 jugglers need 90 balls.

The second group we call equilabristics - hand held stilts, unicycle and tightwire. Equilabristic equipment requires a lower ratio of participant to instructors and is usually taught with a second instructor.

spinning plates

Basic Juggling Equipment

We can start our circus careers with some basic tricks.Typically we warm up with object balance using peacock or ostrich feathers."Hey this is easy,"- be careful the Ostrich wants that feather back. Next spinning plates learn to spin throw and catch a spinning plate, plastic of course to minimise breakages

juggling clubs and balls

Scarves Balls and Clubs

Now to the serious stuff. Lets learn to Juggle. We teach scarves beanbags or balls and more advanced jugglers will like to try Juggling clubs and Juggling rings. We can teach juggling skills as one workshop. Next workshop skill is Diabolo and Devil Stick